It is natural for our teeth to weaken due to the various foods and beverages we consume, how we treat our teeth, and aging. The greatest approach to avoid dental problems is to practice good oral hygiene, and Caring Modern Dentistry in Reidsville, North Carolina, offers a variety of restorative solutions. There is still a possibility to restore your smile if you are missing a few teeth or even the bulk of them. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, then our reidsville nc dentures dentist is available to solve your queries.

At our practice, we offer both full and partial dentures! When you express interest in getting dentures as a restorative treatment, Dr. Adams will work with you to help you decide which one will be most beneficial to you.


Full dentures are what you’ve heard about or seen on television. They are made up of two entire arches of artificial teeth and gums. These arches are removable at the end of the day and rest on your jaw during the day. These arches allow your jaw to do its job, offering you a full facelift and preventing drooping facial muscles. Individuals who are missing the majority of their teeth may consider full dentures. To have the proper support, you must have a strong jaw bone.

Full dentures are commonly associated with senior patients; nevertheless, dentures have been used by people of all ages. Full dentures will allow you to speak and chew normally once more. We ensure that the dentures are constructed according to your specifications, resulting in a more comfortable fit.


Partial dentures are designed for people with a few missing teeth, usually in a row. Partial dentures are ideal for restoring your smile if you still have some strong, healthy teeth. Partial dentures have artificial gums and teeth, but they are held in place in your mouth by metal clasps and a tailored framework. The teeth are custom-made to your specifications.

You can choose whether your partial dentures are permanent or removable. Selecting the removable option will function similarly to a retainer that you may put in and take out of your mouth. The number of teeth you have remaining in your mouth will determine whether you choose the permanent option. Dental implants, crowns, and dental bridges can all be used to secure partial dentures. The dentist will work with you to identify the best treatment options for you.


  • Both full and partial dentures are made out of the strongest dental materials. They are made to withstand everyday blows to your teeth.
  • Cleaning and taking care of both sets of dentures is easy and efficient!
  • Dentures completely restore your smile and your confidence along with it!
  • Dentures also restore your jaw and facial muscles. Our jaw bone can deteriorate without teeth, but dentures make your jaw strong again. It lifts your facial muscles to help them avoid sagging.
  • You can once again eat and chew properly, allowing you access to all of your favorite foods!
  • You will speak normally again.

Both full and partial dentures come with many different benefits! Each type of denture is meant to restore your smile and your confidence! They help you achieve your smile’s fullest potential. If you are interested in full and partial dentures, come see us today! We would love to have you in for a consultation to discuss your options! If you are interested in Reidsville NC Dentures, contact Caring Modern Dentistry today!