A toothache is one of the most common threats to our oral health, and we have all suffered from one at least once in our life. If you have ever experienced pain in your teeth, swelling of the jaw, headaches, or throbbing, you know how painful it can be and how important it is to get it taken care of quickly.

Here at Caring Modern Dentistry in Reidsville, North Carolina, we know that sometimes a quick and efficient solution is essential for you to carry on with your life, resume your day at work, or enjoy precious family time, and we want to help you resolve your toothache as quick as possible. Read on to learn more about potential toothache causes and some solutions we can offer at Caring Modern Dentistry.


The causes behind a toothache are various and different. Understanding what is causing yours is in the hand of your dentist. Therefore, making sure you are in the hands of an experienced professional is essential.

Among the most common causes of toothache are the ones below.


A tooth fracture is a crack or breakage in the shell of the tooth (enamel), which protects the nerves from running at its core. This is usually caused by a trauma or impact and can result in a painful toothache if the crack is deep or exposing nerves! Your dentist might decide on the best solution to restore your oral health in the case of a fractured tooth.


If bacteria in your mouth produce acids that attack your teeth’ enamel, you might be experiencing a pain related to tooth decay. In turn, this can develop into caries or tooth cavities. If not treated, long-term problems can include infection and teeth loss.


An abscessed tooth or dental abscess is an infection of the teeth’ pulp that can cause a pocket of pus around the teeth themselves. Depending on the severity of the tooth infection, you might have pain radiating from the toot toward your ear or neck. There are several solutions for an abscessed tooth, but they all need to be performed by a dentist. Antibiotics, root canal treatment, and draining the abscess are among the most common solutions.


Teeth grinding is a habit rather than an issue with one of your teeth, but it can be just as painful. Teeth grinding is the result of stress, anxiety, or crooked teeth. Toothache and sleep apnea are among the most common consequences of this condition. Your dentist can help you identify possible solutions to grow out of this habit.


Teeth fillings are a solution for replacing the part of the tooth damaged by tooth decay. If a problem arises within or around them, you might be experiencing pain. Your dentist will know whether to clean or replace the fillings.


A gum infection can lead to tooth pain or swelling. While it can be easily solvable through antibiotics, you will need to promptly speak to your dentist – ideally at the first sign of infection.


If you have a fever or the pain continues for a whole day without starting to fade away, it might be time to see a dentist. When opting for this solution, you can expect the dentist to perform a thorough analysis of the situation and test the health of the teeth, gums, jaws, throat, and mouth.

Besides the visual analysis, your dentist will sometimes proceed with an X-ray to be sure about the cause of your toothache. They will then work with you to determine the best solution to ease your pain and have long term tooth health.


Caring Modern dentistry strives to be your all-encompassing solution for toothache in Reidsville, NC. The cutting-edge technology behind our systems and the decades’ long experience of our dentists guarantees that we’ll be able to efficiently and promptly identify the cause of your pain and restore your oral health.

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