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Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a chronic condition that can stop people from breathing during their sleep cycles. Sleep apnea can be very disruptive to people’s lives and, if left untreated, it can have a massive impact on an individual’s health. But here at Caring Modern Dentistry, we can provide treatment options to ensure that you combat it and get a great night’s sleep.

What Sleep Apnea Treatments Do We Offer?

We can get to the root of the problem and provide dental appliances that may be recommended in conjunction with CPAP (continuous positive airway) therapy to treat your sleep apnea. The first device we provide is a tongue retaining mouthpiece. This is used with sleep apnea sufferers who don’t have the ability to move their jaw. As this device keeps the tongue from falling into the airwaves during sleep, it makes for a comfortable device, allowing the individual to breathe easily. The other device is a mandibular advancement device, commonly abbreviated to MAD. These look like mouth guards and fit over the upper and lower sets of teeth connected by a hinge. This holds the tongue and lower jaw in a forward position during the night, which can stop the tongue and soft tissues in the back of the mouth from blocking the airway during sleep.


When Would You Need Sleep Apnea Treatment?

Sleep apnea treatment is usually the last port of call if you have struggled with your sleeping habits for some time. It can be difficult to identify this by yourself. The main symptoms of sleep apnea include frequent and loud snoring, snorting, or gasping during sleep, as well as fatigue during the day.


What Are the Benefits of Sleep Apnea Treatment?

For many individuals who have undergone sleep apnea treatment, they have noticed a greater quality of life. Patients have found they are less fatigued during the day and have a more restful night’s sleep, which improves their quality of life. Other benefits of getting sleep apnea treatment results in a lower risk of problems as well as a reduced risk of depression. Overall, there are a multitude of health benefits to seeking sleep apnea treatment.


What Is the Process of Treating Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea treatment can consist of a tongue retaining device and a mandibular advancement device, as already mentioned, known as oral appliance therapy, but the process of understanding what is needed can come from a variety of sources. A dentist may work in conjunction with a doctor to provide a more detailed and focused treatment. Dentists use oral appliance therapy to treat sleep apnea in adults. This device is custom fit and has shown to be an effective treatment.

Sleep apnea is a condition that can have a detrimental effect on adults, not just in terms of their sleep, but in terms of their overall quality of life. Here at Caring Modern Dentistry, we provide sleep apnea treatment for individuals in Reidsville, North Carolina to guarantee that you get to the root cause of your sleep apnea so you can have a restful night’s sleep and a better quality of life.

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