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Teeth Whitening

Your smile is something to look after; it is often the first thing that someone will notice about you. If your teeth are stained or discolored teeth, then teeth whitening could be something that could work well for you. At Caring Modern Dentistry in Reidsville, North Carolina, we know that as we age our teeth can get darker, as well as some genetic and lifestyle factors playing a part in how dull and discolored our teeth can look. Smoking, medications, and drinks like red wine and coffee can all discolor teeth. So if you want to brighten up your smile, then teeth whitening can be a simple process to help improve the look of your teeth, as well as the health of your teeth. 


What teeth whitening options are there at Caring Modern Dentistry?

  • Option one – hygienist: in some cases, in order to help your teeth to get whiter and brighter, it could be just a case of lifting some stains off the surface of your teeth. One hygiene session with us, involving a thorough clean of your teeth could help to get the result that you are looking for.


  • Option two – professional teeth whitening: professional teeth whitening is exactly as you might imagine; we have the experience and the skills to treat your teeth so that they will be whiter, but the enamel won’t be damaged or weakened. At Caring Modern Dentistry in Reidsville, NC, our teeth whitening process will involve creating some custom trays just for you. Then using a gel in the trays, you can take them home and wear overnight or for a set amount of time, to achieve your result. This can take around fourteen days.


  • Option three – veneers: teeth whitening will change the color of your teeth, but if you want to improve the overall shade of your teeth, as well as their shape and position, then veneers may be an option for you. This involves a full teeth replacement, making them a full lifetime commitment. 

Benefits of teeth whitening

One of the most obvious benefits of having your teeth whitened is that the look of them will be improved, helping to have a brighter and whiter smile. This can help to enhance your appearance, but also help with confidence and self-esteem, if your teeth were something that have been holding you back. Another benefit of teeth whitening is that it can help to kill bacteria that can cause gum disease, as well as bacteria that can look to tooth decay. Overall, it can help someone to be more vigilant about their oral health and hygiene, as you’ll want to keep your newly whitened teeth looking as good as new all the time. 


Teeth whitening won’t be a good fit for everyone, as you need to have healthy teeth and gums to begin with. So before teeth whitening would be recommended to you, we would need to see you for a consultation first, where we can carefully evaluate your smile. Get in contact with us today for more information. 


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I didn't go to the dentist for many years because of a bad experience when I was younger. Dr Adams is the best! I have had lots of work done at his office with NO PAIN!! Nice clean office, helpful staff. I have referred several people to him.

Charlotte Dunford Reidsville, NC Dental Patient


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