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Family Dentistry

Just like general dentistry, family dentistry is very similar with a few differences. Both family dentistry and general dentistry handle your oral hygiene and the health of your teeth, but family dentistry experts will accept patients at all ends of the mortal coil. You can gain better convenience in your oral health when you can take your children to the same dental office that you attend. You can ask your friends, coworkers and extended family members for recommendations on family dentists that will be able to help the whole family, and you can usually book for the same time so that you are all seen together. Given that children – and some teenagers – often feel nervous of the dentist, it’s a wonderful way to get their dental health checked without them feeling nervous.


Searching locally for an exceptional family dentist in Reidsville, North Carolina, is important! Not only will you find a local dentist that works for your whole family, you can ensure that you don’t add a long commute to the family dental office. Family dentistry offers preventative dental services, from regular cleaning to fluoride treatment. There is also other basic dentistry that is covered in family dentistry. When you and your family are under the care of a dentist every three to six months, you can keep your care preventative and not restorative, and your whole family will benefit from the help. Your children will gain more confidence in seeing a dentist when they see you take time to get your own oral health cared for. You’ll get tips as a family about brushing, flossing and more. Finding a family dentistry practice that will care for you all is important, and at Caring Modern Dentistry, that’s exactly the help you get.

Benefits of Family Dentistry

Now that you know more about family dentistry and its purposes, it’s important that you understand the benefits of choosing family dentistry for your whole family. Some of the benefits include:

  • Saving Time. When you get everyone treated by the same dentist, you save time with going to see different specialists. From toddlers to seniors, family dental care is simplified and you can combine appointments to the same day and time to make your life easier to organize.
  • Setting A Good Example. Going to the dentist – even when you feel nervous about it – is a good example to set for the kids. Children don’t get the importance of regular dental care, but you do! They will see your example and feel confident with their own appointment at the dentist.
  • A Friendly Environment. At Caring Modern Dentistry, we offer a friendly environment for all of our patients. Dental anxiety is real in all ages, and a friendly environment in family dentistry offers you and your family confidence in the treatment that you are going to begin.


If you want to learn more about your dental health, you should contact the experts at Caring Modern Dentistry. We have a team ready to help you and your entire family with your gum and teeth health. Give us a call today.

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I didn't go to the dentist for many years because of a bad experience when I was younger. Dr Adams is the best! I have had lots of work done at his office with NO PAIN!! Nice clean office, helpful staff. I have referred several people to him.

Charlotte Dunford Reidsville, NC Dental Patient


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