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Reidsville is a popular place to live in North Carolina that has a population of just over 13,000. There is a suburban feel in this location which is one of the reasons why this is a spot that families favor for setting up home. This is also a location that is popular with retirees who are seeking a quiet place to relocate to. Reidsville is a gentle location where you can easily find the perfect home for you whether you’re looking for a larger property or something cozier. Incomes are high here too with the average reaching about $100,000 and there is a mixture of people who both live and rent. This highlights a strong level of diversity in terms of the way people live.

Reidsville has a strong sense of community spirit. This is particularly prominent through the holiday seasons and locals love welcoming tourists to the area as well. While entertainment options are a little light, there are plenty of places nearby including Eden and Greensboro for a great day out. There you’ll find movie theaters, shopping centers, bowling as well as various other forms of entertainment.

Ultimately, this is a small city with plenty of heart and a great deal of potential. Indeed, the town is constantly expanding and bringing in new people as well as fresh levels of infrastructure. There are some great schools in the area too which has made it popular with young families. Aside from the fantastic education system, new residents are often thrilled to discover an abundance of restaurants. This includes great options for family dining and romantic choices for two. We are proud to be part of this community and provide a high standard of dental care that locals certainly deserve.