In anticipation of meeting a new dentist, we naturally have a lot of expectations. Such as desiring someone qualified but also committed to continuous development. While also obtaining a compassionate and caring nature to ease any nerves you or your family may be experiencing ahead of your dental visit. Furthermore, a relaxing, clean environment equipped with state-of-the-art technology gives you the dental experience and smile you deserve.

This is why you should be excited about meeting Dr. Adams DDS, the leading caring Modern Dentistry doctor who strives to provide the best care, treatment, and service for all patients. So look no further to learn more about Dr. Adams’s ongoing commitment to education and community-centric practice. Plus, there’s also a little extra to get you acquainted with Joe Adams by giving you some insight into his life outside work.


Since Dr. Adams started his career on a path toward dentistry, he has persevered with ongoing education to this day. Below are examples of educational attainments;

  • Bachelor’s Degree: Dr. Joe Adams attained a bachelor’s degree from Duke University
  • Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) Degree: Following graduating from Duke University, Dr. Adams went on to study and achieve a dental degree from one of the leading schools in dentistry at the University of North Carolina.
  • AGD Fellowship: In honor of Dr. Adams’s dedication to learning and improving, he was granted a Fellowship by the Academy of General Dentistry. Fellowships from the AGD are only presented to those who go above and beyond. The criteria include passing a rigorous exam, completing 500 dental education hours, and keeping the AGD membership for three years.
  • A Member of the American Dental Association: the leading organization for American dentists.

With a passion for esthetic and occlusion dentistry, Dr. Adams DDS also acquired training from;

  • The Pankey Institute
  • The San Francisco Institute for Advanced Dental Learning
  • The Center for Esthetic Excellence
  • Invisalign™


Dr. Adams DDS runs his surgery to meet the needs of the local community by choosing training and education to improve the smiles and lives of the locals. The areas Caring Modern Dentistry covers are;

  • Reidsville
  • Shannon Forest
  • Windermere
  • Williamsburg
  • Ashland

Moreover, extensive reviews and testimonials online demonstrate Dr. Adam’s impact on the local community. For example, here’s one of many five-star reviews for Caring Modern Dentistry in Reidsville, North Carolina;

“I have been going to Caring Modern Dentistry since I was a little kid. I love to go here and see the wonderful Doctors and staff. I want to say thank you to Joe Adams and the staff for the amazing job they do. This is the best dentist’s office to take your family and friends to for a wonderful experience. Thank you, Joe Adams and Staff!” – David, Google review.


An interesting fact about Dr. Adams is that he spent his time working in the music industry for ten years before dental care. His passion for music continues, as he often likes to listen to music in his spare time. Furthermore, Dr.Adams is family-oriented, so whenever the opportunity arises, he enjoys spending time with his wife and children. Joe Adam’s other interests include staying active and healthy by running or winding down a good book.

Suppose you’re searching for an exceptional dentist with years of experience and training who prides themselves on running a dental surgery thread with excellent patient care and comfort at an affordable price. In that case, Caring Modern Dentistry is for you.