Tips To Re-Whiten Your Yellowing Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers can positively affect your smile by reshaping, recoloring, and enlarging your teeth. Thanks to an unmistakable, beautiful smile, many patients who use dental veneers are capable of feeling more comfortable and confident than ever. 

Although veneers are a long-lasting remedy for fixing typical cosmetic flaws, they might eventually get discolored. So, it might naturally strike your mind whether veneers can be changed back to their original color if they are no longer dazzling and white. Read this article and find out for yourself!

But does it? Let’s find out with suggestions from experts at veneers in North Carolina!

Do Veneers Stain?

Veneers developed from porcelain stain less in comparison to natural teeth! Wonder why? Porcelain, unlike enamel, is non-porous. This implies that it doesn’t absorb meals and beverages like caffeine and wine.

However, with time, composite veneers may get stained like natural teeth. This is because they are constructed of resin, which is more porous than porcelain. As a result, composite veneers often need to be changed after five to seven years.

What Could Have Caused Your Veneers To Change Color?

As Per the dentist in Reidsville, NC, porcelain veneers are designed coverings built of materials that match the color of your teeth. Veneers are highly successful at improving your natural smile since they cover the front surfaces of every tooth. In addition, each tooth’s front has a shell attached to it, making them blend in with the rest of your teeth in terms of appearance.

Even though veneers are less prone to stains than your natural tooth enamel, they still have the potential to age poorly. In addition, long-term contact with highly pigmented beverages like red wine and black coffee can result in surface stains.

Aside from these situations, veneers may also become stained by:

Your Age

Our gums tend to shrink as we age, exposing the areas where the veneer touches the tooth. Since the veneers are glued into place, and the composite is now visible, this may result in little brown lines appearing on your teeth. In addition, dark-colored foods and drinks might discolor your exposed enamel, and gum recession cannot be restored.

How Old Your Veneers Are? 

Porcelain may not have been used in the creation of veneers used more than 20 years ago. In the past, veneers in North Carolina usually used less-durable materials like plastic or more thin porcelain than those used by dental experts today.

Injury Or Damage  

Your tooth may turn discolored if there was damage to the dentin, the inner tissue, or an accident. Damaged dentin turns yellow, giving the veneer the impression of discoloration when, in reality, the natural tooth beneath is the culprit.

Can You Whiten Veneers?

You might be tempted to use a home whitening kit to get your veneers back to their original sparkling white color if they have been stained or have a yellow or brown tint. Traditional whitening methods may not work well on porcelain veneers, unfortunately. Visit Reidsville family dentistry before starting any at-home teeth caps whitening procedures.

Veneers may not be able to be made whiter with treatment, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make them look better in general. In addition, regular dental visits will maintain your veneers as spotless as possible since professional cleanup can help to eliminate surface stains.

How To Keep Your Veneers Clean And Avoid Stains?

Although porcelain veneers require little upkeep, it doesn’t mean they require none. Instead, they need the daily care your natural teeth need to keep in fantastic shape. Here are some pointers for keeping your veneers clean and avoiding stains.

Regularly Brush Your Teeth

The same care must be taken with veneers in North Carolina as with natural teeth. The underlying tooth is kept healthy, and surface stains are removed with brushing and flossing.

Quit Smoking

Smoking can cause a considerable yellowing of the supporting tooth, eventually resulting in spotty staining of your smile. Smoking does not cause veneers to stain directly but may compromise the strength of the adhesives keeping your veneers in position, forcing replacement of those veneers sooner instead.

Visit Your Dentist Routinely

Just like you brush and floss daily, you need to see Reidsville family dentistry routinely as part of your overall smile practice. In addition, exams and regular cleaning can help address the early stages of gum disease and decay to avoid cavities.

The Bottom Line

The best way to keep veneers stain-free is to take care of them like your natural enamel. After drinking coffee or any other food,  brushing your teeth can help to lessen the number of acids and sugars that stick to your teeth after a meal. However, visiting Reidsville family dentistry will solve the problem if you still encounter staining trouble.

Leave The Whitening To The Professionals!

Cleaning your porcelain veneers all by yourself can be a challenging task! But when done by our professionals at Caring Modern Dentistry, it’s a walk in the park. So trust us with your all-white smile and reach our clinic or call us at (336) 342-0889.